New Client: Realtree

We’re very excited to add Realtree as a client. From small beginnings in a rented out empty church, Realtree has steadily grown to become one of the world’s largest brands in the hunting industry with over 1,500 licensees. We have the pleasure of collaborating with Realtree both creatively and technically with a future product.

Realtree Logo



Mowrey Manor

Working with long time collaborator and friend of the studio, Orlin Culture Shop, we had a great time conceptualizing, designing and building a prototype learning software platform, Mowrey Manor. The client wanted to explore presenting education material in a house/room format, with each room acting to serve different subject matter content. We had fun handling this prototype, with tasks ranging from character design, character scripting/voiceovers, level/room/content design, illustration and iOS development.

Initial manor exterior sketch.

The aerial map acts as the primary navigation to reach the all nested buildings and and rooms of the property.

Character development.

Interior room views. Each unique item in a room serves as a content trigger. As more content is viewed, new objects become unlocked, providing a content specific quiz once a room has been cleared.

Each room in the house has a global map to allow transfer from room to room, allowing for subject matter switching. The vestibule acts as an entry point to reach all rooms, as subject specific content from all rooms is present on it’s walls.



Future of Forestry: Advent App

Angry Bear helped take our friends at Future of Forestry onto mobile devices as they took their music on the road for their annual Christmas tour. With a custom mobile app that the band could administer while on tour, users were able to unlock and listen to new songs as each week of Advent progressed.

Check back fall 2012 for the re-released FoF Advent Tour app, available for iOS and Android.