Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Comite Champagne

Global advertising agency Creature recently needed some assistance at their Seattle, Washington studio. They had a set of ads for Comité Champagne, on a tight timeline, that needed a high degree of animation finesse. We were happy to step in and take the creative reins of the project. Final output was a rich media campaign that seamlessly blended design, 3D modeling/animation and Flash development. All complete for a timely holiday marketing push.

The particle simulation of the champagne filled question mark was modeled, animated and rendered using a mixture of RealFlow and After Effects.

Final particle render:



Go Trailer Studio Shoot

We were on hand to help the fine folks at Sylvan Sport kick off the studio photo shoot for the Go trailer. John E. Powell from Blue Collar Studio ran the lighting and lenses. Big thanks to Confluence Watersports, Jackson Kayaks, Yakima, Rubbermaid, Sycamore Cycles, and Dal-Kawa Cycle Center for supplying the bikes, boats, racks, containers and motorcycles. The efforts of this shoot will be displayed in interactive work that Angry Bear currently has underway.