Tron: Legacy

Sci-fi fans at heart, we were excited when this project came into our neck of the woods. Working with Source Marketing, we were able to animate some of the online advertising for the 2010 Disney film, Tron: Legacy.



Deadliest Catch

Discovery Channel needed a series of ads to feature on to promote their popular series Deadliest Catch’s new PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 title, Sea of Chaos. Working with our friends at Mattson Creative, we took on the challenge, designing and animating their brand across many ad iterations.



Heidelberg Engineering

Working for Heidelberg Engineering and Studio PMG, we designed and developed a 50″ quiz application built to both evangelize Heidelberg’s flagship optical engineering products, as well as to gather data from trade show attendees. Applications accepted RFID show badge and both recorded and delivered custom technical content accordingly.

Our applications installed at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA.