Rock Harbor: Awakened CD

We concepted and designed for southern California church Rock Harbor’s live album, Awakened.



Disney Preschool

Aw, shucks! Angry Bear’s newest client, entertainment giant Disney, tasked us with revitalizing their preschool targeted site’s motion, sound design, and overall user experience.




At Angry Bear, we love custom.

We built an online tool that allows users to rapidly design 100% custom board shorts – down to the color of the thread used. Digital image to quality garment ready for shipping, in a matter of minutes.

Our application intelligently sampled user art at low resolution during the design phase and reconstructed the product to be print ready server side, including meshing the artwork to a multitude of fabric pattern cuts and variety of sizes. The application allows the users to intuitively position, rotate and size artwork to perfectly cover the short template. Layout patterns (mirroring, duplicating legs, all over print, etc) is capable with non destructive editing, allowing the user to change their mind and colors many times through the design process. Realtime previews of front/left/back/right sides allow the designer to at all times understand how their changes will effect the final product.

The custom short artwork was then added to the global Artist Program where other Shortomatic users could vote on, share and also purchase submitted designs.

As a creative group, it’s always fun to see what the tools we build allow users to create. We’ve enjoyed browsing the thousands of submitted designs.

View the project here.